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SQLite to IndexedDB

Converting an existing SQLite database to IndexedDB involves a multi-step process. IndexedDB is a client-side storage solution available in modern web browsers, while SQLite is a serverless, self-contained database engine often used in server-side applications. As a result, you'll need to extract data from SQLite and then store it in IndexedDB on the client side.

Here's a general guide on how you can approach this:

Export Data from SQLite:
Write a script or use a tool to export data from your SQLite database into a format that can be easily imported into IndexedDB. This might involve exporting the data as JSON or another suitable format.

Create an IndexedDB Database:
In your web application, use JavaScript to create an IndexedDB database. You can do this using the indexedDB API.

const request ='myDatabase', 1);

request.onupgradeneeded = (event) => {
  const db =;
  const objectStore = db.createObjectStore('myObjectStore', { keyPath: 'id' });

  // Define your object store schema based on your data model
  // For example, you might create indexes for different fields
  objectStore.createIndex('name', 'name', { unique: false });
  objectStore.createIndex('address', 'address', { unique: false });

request.onsuccess = (event) => {
  const db =;

  // Now that the database is created, you can start inserting data
  // from your exported SQLite data into the IndexedDB database.

Insert Data into IndexedDB:

Use JavaScript to open a transaction on the IndexedDB database and insert the exported data into the appropriate object store.

const transaction = db.transaction(['myObjectStore'], 'readwrite');
const objectStore = transaction.objectStore('myObjectStore');

// Iterate through your exported data and add it to the object store
exportedData.forEach((record) => {

transaction.oncomplete = () => {
  console.log('Data imported into IndexedDB.');

Retrieve Data from IndexedDB:

Once the data is stored in IndexedDB, you can retrieve it when needed.
    const transaction = db.transaction(['myObjectStore'], 'readonly');
    const objectStore = transaction.objectStore('myObjectStore');

    const getRequest = objectStore.get('someKey');

    getRequest.onsuccess = (event) => {
      const data =;

Integrate with Your Application:
Modify your application logic to use data from IndexedDB instead of SQLite. This may involve updating data access functions and other parts of your application that interact with the database.

It's important to note that this process assumes you have control over both the SQLite database and the web application. If your SQLite database is on a server and your web application is a client-side application, you might need to expose an API on the server to retrieve the data, or use a server-side script to generate a downloadable file that contains the exported data in a suitable format for the client-side import.

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